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Review Request Email & Form

Published onAug 29, 2020
Review Request Email & Form

The Email Sent to Potential Referees

Subject Line: Review for QC, please

I’m writing to request you review a paper for The Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice & Criminology (JQCJC), aka …Qualitative…Criminology (QC). The paper is titled TITLE HERE. You can see everything <here> (no login needed). A review form is attached to this email. Please make a quick decision (<48 hours) on whether you’ll review it and let us know with a “reply all” email. If you choose to review the paper, please do so as quickly as you’d want someone to review your paper. Some more information about the review process is below. Thank you. Scott


Our Values guide How We Review:

  • Authors are not anonymous.

  • We don’t do R&Rs. Three referees vote on whether to publish the paper in its current form, pending minor changes, or reject it.

    • If two (or more) of them vote “reject,” then the paper is rejected. Otherwise it is accepted, pending minor changes as necessary.

  • We prefer that referees sign their reviews, but they can remain anonymous.

  • We publish reviews on

    • They are open access. To be clear, there is no charge for authors or referees.

The Attached Review Form

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